*Oil on stretched Canvas         
* Sizes vary and these are approximate dimensions only.

  Depending on the number of sittings.
                            Starting at :

Oil portrait from life or Photograph               $ 500  (40x40cm)....16x 16 inches

Head and shoulders   $ 600    (40 x 50 cm)...16 x 20 inches           $ 800      (60x45cm)...24x18 inches

                                 1/2 to 3/4   pose (including hands)  $ 2,000   (60x76cm)...24x30 inches
                                          Full Length  $ 3,000    (122x92cm)...36x48 inches   $ 3,500    (150x76cm)... 60x30 inches                                                                                                            
                                       Sketches and drawings on quality paper (pastels or Charcoal) $300 half sheet..                                                                                            $600 full sheet (74x56cm)


Portraits from life usually involve one to 3 sittings to complete the work while the subjects sits approx. 3  hours.
This type of commission also includes works on paper, unless from a photograph.
Studio paintings are normally large, and take much longer. They are worked from a single detailed photographic sitting, taking lots of photos for reference material, and often some sketches and ala prima life studies.

* These costs are an estimate on singles subject portraits.
Fees vary for specifically requested backgrounds, complex clothing and additional figures.

* Fees do not include framing of work, travel, and shipping expences.
A signed contract with a non refundable deposit of 25%
is due upon commission at first sitting, and a final payment on time of completion.


'Oil portrait from Photo Reference'   40x40cm square oil on canvas

Head and shoulders  60x45cm  2 x 3 hour sittings from life

3/4 pose (including hands).. One sitting and photography - finished in studio

Full length (one or two Sittings and photography session ) finished Studio painting



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