Most of these studies were done in 2-3 hour sessions.

Pastel Study- Greg Chemello -pastel paper A4
gifted to Greg

Sonya- RQAS-   Pastel paper  A4

Boyd  Watercolour on Hot pressed paper A4

Pelita    Oil on Canvas Paper    A3

Sonya Oil on Perspex  (experiment) 20cm H x 15cm W

Farzid -RQAS-  Oil on Canvas Paper  A3

Male Model _ Royal Queensland Art Society   Oil on Linen   60cmH x 50cmW


Callum   Oil on Canvas   40cm square (Painted from photograph for his mother)

Beach Beauty       oil on Canvas    31cm square
Collection Diana Middleby

John R. (2 hr sketch)  Oil on Canvas 30cm Square  (Donated to J.R )

Trevor    Oil on Canvas Paper    A3
Collection Trevor Duery

Helen    Pastel and Charcoal on Canvas     40cm Square
Collection Helen Mitchell

John Stanton    Oil on Linen    30cm Hx26cm W (Painted from Photograph)
Collection of Mr & Mrs Stanton

            Sandy    oil on Canvas    60cm H x 50cm W (Painted from Photograph)
Collection of Joy Perkins

Hanna Solo- Refugee & Australian Citizen   Watercolour   Arches 300gsm A3

Jeff Bell_Bowler    Oil on Board     61cm H x 41cm W
Collection Jeff Bell

Alana         Oil on Canvas      31cm square

Elijah  Oil on Canvas  50cmH x 40cmW

Sara  Oil on Canvas Panel  36cmH x 20cm (painted from Photograph for her mother)

Girl with a cherry earing  Oil on Canvas   31cm square

Elijah   Arches full sheet Watercolour 300gsm 74cmH x 56cmW

Teddi  Oil on Board 50cm H x 40cm W (private collection )



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