Land Sea & Maritime

Quiet Cove - Agnes Waters   Oil on Board   35cm H x 40cm W

 Littoral Blue    Oil on Aluminum   74cm H x 90cm W

A Glimmer of Moonlight..  Oil on Aluminum  75cm H x 60cm W (Sold)

Caboolture Lakes    Oil on Board    30cm H x 42cm W

Breaking Wave - Kings Beach Pastel on tex paper- Framed under perspex- 50cm H X 60cm W

Burnt Landscape  pastel on Arches Watercolour paper 56cmH x 74cmW (SOLD)

Quinkan Country  Pastel on Arches Watercolour Paper 76cmH x 74cmW (SOLD)

Morning Mist_Tilba    Oil on Canvas   40cmH x 50cmW  ( SOLD )

Timeless Land         Mixed Media on Paper       47cmH x 80cmW  (SOLD)

Old Ruin Flinders Rangers         Oil on Board          25cmH x 60cmW (SOLD)

Day of ash   Oil on Linen  152cmH x 122cmW (SOLD)

Folley          Oil on Canvas       70cmH x 90cmW (SOLD)

The Separation        Acrylic on Canvas         70cmH x 90cmW (SOLD)

 Rainforrest Allegory        Oil on Canvas         60cmH x 80cmW (SOLD)

Sea Breezes         Acrylic on Paper         25cmH x 30cmW (SOLD)

Fishing , Banksia Beach        Oil on Linen      108cmH x 132cmW ( SOLD)


Old World Sailing   Oil On Linen On Board  46cm H x 57cm W

The Lookout  Oil on Canvas 77cm H x 66cm W

Seafarers     Oil on Linen   50cm H x 40cm W (SOLD)

Waiting Light 2       Oil on Canvas      92cmH x 122cmW 

Waiting Light 1     Oil on Canvas     92cmH x 122cmW (SOLD)

Cleaning the Deck    Oil on Linen       76cmH x100cmW (SOLD)

Taking a Break          Oil on Linen       78cm Square

Salvor's Bounty       Acrylic on Linen     152cmH x 122cmW

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