Still Life

 Bowls Coffee Cups and Spoons  Oil on Canvas    31cmH x 26cm W (SOLD) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Coffee Cups Bowl and spoons  Oil on Canvas  26cmH x 31cmW (SOLD)

Green Tea and chop Suey       Oil on Canvas (diptych)      31cmH x61cmW

Strawberries on Yellow Mat   Oil on Canvas 31W x 46cmH (SOLD) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Treasures from the Sea   Oil on Canvas   50cmH x 40cmW (SOLD)


The Heirloom   Oil on Linen      61cm Square

Still Life with Quinces and Purple Cloth   Oil on Linen   60cm Square ( SOLD )

Symbiosis  Mixed media on Tex paper

Hippeastrum Pastel on Tex Paper

Pink Tiger Lily   Oil on Linen   61cm Square (SOLD)

The Four Seasons   Oil on Canvas

Fan Fare      Oil on Canvas       26cmH x 31cmW (SOLD)

Evening still Life       Oil on Canvas      26cmH x 21cmW (SOLD)

Fruit and Flowers     Oil on Board      26cmH x 31cmW (SOLD)

    Grapes and Brown Bottle        Oil on Canvas      31cmH x 28cmW (SOLD)

   Studio Interior      Oil on Canvas    122cmH x 90cmW


Maggie with her toys



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