Portrait of Wendy Brittain Oil on Canvas 50cm H x 60cm w

Looking Forward _ Greg Chemello  Oil on Canvas 65 cm H x 55 cm W

Richard in his 8o's  Watercolour  68cm H x 48 cm W

Ross Mckinnon  A. M.    Oil on Linen  75cm H x 55 cm W

Robin Bailey  Oil on Linen 75cm H x 55cm W
Private Collection

Gypsy Woman Oil on Canvas Paper  A2

Contemplation    Oil on Canvas Paper    A2

Flowers in her hair    Oil on Canvas board    45cm H x 40cm w

Self portrait with baby Butcher Bird    Oil on Canvas   50cm H x 40cm W
Collection Peter Hubbard

Lip Service   Oil on Canvas   50cm H x 40cm W
Collection Anna Gonzalez

Diana - Inspired by Klimt   Oil on Canvas   50cm H x 40cm W
Collection Diana Middelby

Dr Bruce Flegg   Oil on Canvas    90cm W x 80cm H

Wyatt in Blue    Mixed Media on Aluminium view panel  60cm H x 75cm W 
private collection

Josephine with Friend     Oil on Canvas   106cm H x 80cm W

'Generation Wyatt '    Oil on Linen    100cm H x 92cm W

Jacquie and Ross at the Grand Canyon  Oil on Canvas  92cm H x 122cm W  (commission )

Ipswich Mayor -  Paul Pisasale    Oil on Linen       92cm H x 122cm W
Collection of Ipswich Regional Gallery

Alan Edwards, OA, MBE   Oil on Linen    92cm H x 122cm W
Collection of Queensland Theatre Company

Anne  Oil on Linen 82cm Round  (sold)  Private collection

Elijah Rayan   Oil on Linen   152cm H x 122cm W
Private collection


Dr Antonio Reverter Gomez   Oil on Linen    90cm H x 78cmW
Collection of Dr Reverter Gomez

 Jack and Megan Sparr      Pastel       74cm H x 61cm W (commission)

Pharmacist, Terry White  OA      Oil on Linen     100cm H x 76cm W
Collection of Redcliffe City Council Library

Nev and Margaret  Oil on Canvas  60cm H x 82cn W
(Wedding Gift_Commission)

Wyatt Roy. M.P     Oil on Linen       150cm H x 120cm W
Private collection

Dr Philip Nitschke       Oil on Linen       152cm H x 122cm W

Charlie Chambers   Gentleman Drover      Oil on Linen    92cm square
Kevin Byrne , Cairns Mayor (retired)     Oil on Canvas    92cm H x 86cm W
Private collection

Bruce Gregory      Oil on Linen          122cm H x 92cm W

Collection of  Robert Harris & Co. Solicitors - Yeppoon

Cheryl Kernot          Oil on Linen          182cm H x 122cm W
Collection of Moreton Bay Regional Gallery

Clarrie         Oil on Linen        152cm H x 122cm W  (Collection of Mr & Mrs Edelson )

Dinah Kamsler     Oil on Linen     92cm H x 86cm W (commission)  Pacific Hotel, Cair

Dr Lesley Clark MLA (Retired)   Oil on Linen     92cm H x 86cm W (collection Qld Central Mining Supplies)

Self Portrait as Frida Kahlo    Oil on Canvas     86cm H x 70cm W

Regional Gothic (Family Portrait..Cairns )        Oil on  Canvas
Greg and Cheyanne  Charcoal on Linen  210cm H x 92cm W
Private Collection



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